Competition Tools

It was an idea I had a couple of years ago, while my bodies and I were playing Pro Evolution Soccer on PlayStation 2/3 – Xbox. We basically wanted to organize some competition between us, and it was really easy to organize on a paper.. as long as we stayed less than 5-6! After some researches, I realized that I couldn’t find any good software which could allow an user to create his own tournament/championship.

Because I have a gamer background, I’m really into this specific structure which is : loser/winner bracket, I think it’s way fairer than the regular competition where you lose in quarter final against the future winner..

So I started to develop a software, first in C++/Qt because I had some knowledge in it. Then I totally changed my mind and converted my code to make it a Java application (I didn’t feel confortable with Java at this time, I wanted to learn)

I didn’t finish the application, but I really wanted to handle at least the championship feature, which works perfectly. You can easily generate the return features too . The application is quite basic but it could be useful for some people. You can save and load previous championship that you didn’t complete yet.

Here are some screenshots from it,