Enib Project : EnibMix C#

This following project has been realized in collaboration with my classmate Florian Boucher back in the first semester of my 4th year in the Ecole Nationale d’Ingénieurs de Brest.

It gave us the opportunity to practice after the theory and concept we learnt about C#

The application is a music player, where 2 different tracks can be played simultaneously. It has an « auto-mix » feature, which starts to play the second song when the first is almost finished, while reducing the volume of the first one and increasing the volume of the new track. It also has a « Cue-reset » feature, very well known for whoever has already tried to play with some electronic music software. (it allows the user to create loops easily)

It also has a « Samples » feature, in order to play short samples (ring, voice..) on top of the song.

Here are some screenshots:

Application at the beginning
EnibMix while reading
Frame allowing the use of SAMPLES

The project is available here: > Download <

(ps: if you are running a 64 bits OS, you might have to change the Platform target to force x86 (right click on project, propriety, built, platform target: x86))